Welcome to the Seattle SoundMap!

While we have been staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we've been recording some of the neighborhood sounds in Seattle. As the density of vehicles and people have thinned, not only has the air and water started clearing, but the animals are foraging farther from their previously constrained territories.

Enjoy the sounds of this lovely city, as nature emerges and thrives.

Click on the map markers to hear sound

Some helpful links to aid in identification and other Sound Maps:


  1. Recordist Nico Scolieri uses a Zoom H6 microphone.
  2. Much thanks to Freesound for the use of their mapping tool.
  3. Seattle SoundMap began in May of 2020, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Gorge, Leschi

Terrace & 33rd, Leschi

Leschi Natural Area

Gorge, Leschi

Schmitz Preserve Park

Martha Washington Park

Pocket Beach Park

MoPOP, Space Needle

BathHouse Theater, Green Lake

Madison Park

Commodore Park Herons

Commodore Park Train